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Patio Ⅲ -Works of Seven Titles-
Published: November 12 2020

Patio 24 - Signs of Water 2001/2012 Steel, lead, copper, bandage, cherry leaf, wire, wax 8.3x20.7x38.3cm Photo: Tadasu Yamamoto

Galerie Tokyo Humanité is pleased to announce Kiyoshi KAWASHIMA's solo exhibition entitled Patio -Works of Seven Titles-. This exhibition will showcase new sculptures of Patio series using wood, steel and lead.

Kawashima (b. 1951) is known for his sculptures composed of massive materials including steel, lead, wood, and plaster. Drawings and other two-dimensional works are also considered as sculptural works formed on such materials as paper or board rather than plan drawings of sculptures. His latest museum solo exhibitions include Kawagoe City Art Museum (Saitama, Japan) and Iwaki City Art Museum (Fukushima, Japan) in 2016. His works are currently exhibited in Permanent Collection Gallery of Utsunomiya Museum of Art (Tochigi, Japan) and the artist talk will be held on Nov 15 at the museum's lecture room.


Information Provided by: Galerie Tokyo Humanité

Period: November 10,2020 (Tue) 〜 December 5,2020 (Sat)
Hours: 10:30-18:30
Closed: Sunday
Venue: Galerie Tokyo Humanité

Last Updated on November 10 2020

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