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Published: October 29 2009

PHOTO: Tamotsu Fujii

Since 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT opened in March 2007, it has staged programs that look at the relationship between people, society and design from a range of different angles, with familiar things being the subject matter of each installation. This exhibition is one that focuses on the relationships between product design and people, people and daily life and the things that surround them, an exhibition that searches for the background to design. It may be said that product designer Naoto Fukasawa casts his gaze on the relationship between people and the environment and unfailingly designs both tacit images we all hold in common in our minds and the expectations we have regarding the shape of an object. Photographer Tamotsu Fujii captures the air and light that surrounds objects on film. In his photos, he captures the air or the relationship between objects and their surroundings. From the works of these two creators, outlines that are obvious yet could not be seen before emerge. In this exhibition, we create the opportunity to realize things that were heretofore unseen, with 118 of Naoto Fukasawa’s product designs and 65 photographs taken by Tamotsu Fujii for a 4 year span – to this, we have added lectures and exhibits where you can experience Fukasawa and Fujii’s thinking and perspectives. You can enjoy the comfortable space to think about design, from a point of view of everyday life, such as going to shopping and considering interior decoration. * The text provided by 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT.

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Editor's Note by Satoshi KOGANEZAWA

This exhibition gives us an opportunity to see products designed by the product designer, Naoto Fukasawa, and pictures of Fukasawa’s products which were taken by the photographer, Tamotsu Fujii, in the same space. Some of the products which were shown in the exhibition were the same as what I have been using. The longer I use Fukazawa’s products, the more they seem to become accustomed to me in spite of their inorganic appearances. Fujii’s photographs of “outlines of designs” reflect such my feeling for Fukasawa’s products, which contributes to evoking for me a vivid impression of his photos inexplicably. Among the pictures taken by Fujii, there is a photo of a chair entitled “B&B Italia - GRANDE PAPILIO - Armchair”, which can be also found in a leaflet of this exhibition, makes me feel as if it is a picture of some mountain. By the way, a solo exhibition of Fujii, the “BIRD SONG”, will be held at MA2 Gallery from 6 November to 5 December 2009. Is there any difference between his photos of migratory birds and those of products? If you visit these two exhibitions, outlines of Fujii’s works will become clearer. (Translated by Nozomi Nakayama)

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