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para・textile-Editing a book: Luxuriant Extension
Published: March 26 2020

© KYOTO Design Lab, Kyoto Institute of Technology

KYOTO Design Lab [D-lab] will hold the Exhibition “para・textile-Editing a book: Luxuriant Extension” at KYOTO Design Lab Tokyo Gallery.

This exhibition is related to the international round table “The Artist as Critical Curator” and the book “Curatorial Turn” published as KYOTO Design Lab Library 4.

We will hold two gallery talks according to the exhibition. Looking forward to visiting you.

*The start date of this exhibition has been changed to 25 March. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Guest Curator: Yusuke Nakano / Paramodel
Organized by KYOTO Design Lab, Kyoto Institute of Technology

Gallery Talk
Date: 14:00–16:00 Sunday 19 April, 2020
Venue: KYOTO Design Lab Tokyo Gallery
Talk Guest: Takeshi Kadobayashi [Professor, Kansai University] + Manabu Miki [Editor] + Yusuke Nakano / Paramodel [Associate Professor, Kyoto Seika Universtiy]
Moderator: Junko Miki [Associate Professor, Kyoto Institute of Technology]

From voice to text, from text to book, and then where the text will go?
On the afternoon of July 15th 2017, four artists and a philosopher discussed what is expected for an artist today referring to their own practices. In the evening of the same day another artist presented a new video work inspired by an old 16mm film as one-night installation and had a talk session on how place and history can be interpreted creatively through visual media. Their voice for curation and interpretation have been transcribed and textualized, to be published as Curatorial Turn, the fourth book of KYOTO Design Lab Library. When does voice turn into text? How does text become a book? What does it imply to edit a book? Tangling excessively, the paratext created through the actual editing weaves the metaphor of the act of editing spatiotemporally in the KYOTO Design Lab Tokyo Gallery.


Information Provided by: KYOTO Design Lab Tokyo Gallery

Period: March 25,2020 (Wed) 〜 May 10,2020 (Sun)
Hours: 12:00-19:00
Closed: Monday, Tuesday
Venue: KYOTO Design Lab Tokyo Gallery

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