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Shunsuke TAKAMIZAWA Solo Show : Screening Organon
Published: March 26 2020

Shunsuke TAKAMIZAWA solo exhibition "Screening Organon" installation view at Yotsuya Unconfirmed Studio (2019) ©Shunsuke TAKAMIZAWA

CASHI is pleased to announce Shunsuke Takamizawa’s solo exhibition Screening Organon at the gallery. The exhibition will be on view from 26th March to 12th April.

Takamizawa has created artworks that examine the essence of social infrastructure such as screen images and communication technologies. These works are made using primitive media such as power generation.

He uses an elemental means of generating electricity: the Seebeck effect. The Seebeck effect is a phenomenon in which an electric current flows through metal when a temperature difference is applied. Takamizawa generates voltage in semiconductors, called Peltier effect device, by creating a temperature difference using candles (for heat generation) and water or air (for heat radiation). The voltage drives Takamizawa’s ‘organ’ constructed by combining electronic components, aluminum cans, and single board computers that he collected in his daily life. Viewers can then see digital images or webpages through this ‘organ’, highlighting the social infrastructure we routinely enjoy and the materiality of the information that travels at lightning speed.

In this exhibition, Takamizawa will update the works exhibited at his previous solo exhibition Screening Organon (curated by Rintaro Fuse and held at Yotsuya Unconfirmed Studio in 2019) and include some of his drawings. The exhibition will open on 26th March, when members of the public are welcome to visit.


Information Provided by: CASHI

Period: March 26,2020 (Thu) 〜 April 12,2020 (Sun)
Hours: 11:00 - 19:00
Closed: 月、火、水
Venue: CASHI

Last Updated on March 26 2020

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