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ACT (Artists Contemporary TOKAS) Vol. 2 Stasis Field
Published: February 11 2020

ACT (Artists Contemporary TOKAS) Vol. 2 Stasis Field

TOKAS has supported artists in a multi-career-stage and continuously supportive program through endeavors such as open call exhibitions, exhibitions of contemporary artists, and international fellowships. It has also conducted programs to introduce these artists’ activities. In the Artists Contemporary TOKAS (ACT) series launched in 2018, exhibitions will be held to introduce artists who are worthy of attention now, centered on those that have taken part in TOKAS programs.

“Stasis field” is a term that has been used in science fiction novels and games, to refer to an area in which time seemingly stands still or is significantly delayed, and contents appear motionless. Due to the standstill and crystallization of time in a stasis field, objects in that area are in a state where they can be closely observed, or slowed down to such an extent that their shapes appear distorted. Experiences we make in such special kinds of situations may function as turning points that changes existing ideas and previous perceptions. In their works, the three artists featured in this exhibition stop or delay time in order to make it observable from their own respective points of view, and produce works of art in which they actively respond to and creatively express the differences, shifts and distortions that result from such temporal stagnation. In times when social life is increasingly dominated by the acceleration and quick processing of all kinds of matters, this exhibition is an attempt to introduce “stasis fields” in order to transform spaces and perceptions.


Admission: Free
Organizer: Tokyo Arts and Space (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)

Artists:TANAKA Shusuke, HIROSE Nana & NAGATANI Kazuma, WATANABE Go
Artist Talk
Date: 2/22 (Sat) 16:30 - 18:00
Participants: TANAKA Shusuke, HIROSE Nana & NAGATANI Kazuma, WATANABE Go
Venue: Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo
*Admission Free / No booking required / Available only in Japanese.


Information Provided by: Tokyo Arts and Space

Period: February 22,2020 (Sat) 〜 March 22,2020 (Sun)
Hours: 11:00 - 19:00 (Last entry 18:30)
Closed: 2/25, 3/2, 3/9, 3/16
Venue: Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo

Last Updated on February 22 2020

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