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Insight 23 ”intersecting viewpoint”
Published: November 20 2019

left | Yuzo Saeki 《Portrait of Yoneko》 c.1922 oil on canvas 448×370mm  right | Takehiro Terabayashi 《Voice》 2009  oil, chalk ground, panel 455×380mm(F8)

Yoshimi Arts is pleased to present the exhibition "Insight 23". "Insight" is a regular exhibition featuring works by the artists of Yoshimi Arts, and all works are categorized in accordance with the theme of each exhibition. In the 23rd "Insight", the theme is "intersecting viewpoint". And, usually it is composed of the works by the artists of Yoshimi Arts, but this exhibition will include the others.
We believe works of art are formed under the influence of factors such as regional relations and interaction with people. We have selected various artists and planned this exhibition as an opportunity for the audience to reflect on the "intersection" of the relationship between elements such as materials, motifs, and artists that occurred during the time the works were created.


Information Provided by: Yoshimi Arts

Period: November 30,2019 (Sat) 〜 December 22,2019 (Sun)
Hours: 11:00-19:00 (sun -17:00)
Closed: mon, tue
Venue: Yoshimi Arts

Last Updated on November 30 2019

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