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Etsuko Yamagami "When a painting takes its shape"
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Published: June 26 2019

"Lark and Rape blossoms" 652x530mm oil on canvas 2019

"When a painting takes its shape"

These several years I pick up minerals as motives to start painting. However, even if I start painting tableau with an image of mineral, the painting continues to evolve through conversation with the tableau in front of me, and it may end with strong favor of minerals or some other image when the final brush is completed. I could say that I paint with my own rhythm and sense of colors rather than sticking to one theme or specific concept. Ideally I believe that a painting should take its shape as a result of these processes.

In the album of print works”7 for 7”, I added three Japanese authors’ quotes to four authors’ in the album of watercolor drawaing”4 for 4” (2018). In these seven quotes, each author shows a sense of unity between him(her)self and his(her) world, and I am witnessing the moment when their works take their own shapes. I made seven woodcuts based on these seven images emerging from these quotes.
Etsuko Yamagami


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