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Gallery Collection ”TATEHATA Kakuzo Drawings”
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Published: April 15 2019

TATEHATA Kakuzo "Untitled (CLOUD 24)" 1983, pencil on paper, 25.5x36cm

From the Gallery Collection, TATEHATA Kakuzo 's drawings in the 1960s-1980s will be exhibited.

Tatehata (1919-2006) was a pioneer of contemporary sculpture in postwar Japan. Started his artistic career in the 1950s, Tatehata's style changed from representational sculptures to abstract. His motifs developed from familiar objects such as umbrellas and wheels to organic forms such as clouds, waves, and spirals. He has done many public art from the 1980s and worked actively until his later years.

Tatehata received a number of awards for his sculptures including TAKAMURA Kotaro Prize, NAKAHARA Teijiro Prize, and the Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts. He was designated as a Person of Cultural Merit in 2005 for his outstanding contributions.


Information Provided by: Galerie Tokyo Humanité

Period: April 15,2019 (Mon) 〜 April 27,2019 (Sat)
Hours: 10:30am- 6:30pm
Closed: Sunday
Venue: Galerie Tokyo Humanité

Last Updated on April 15 2019

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