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Sakan KAN-NO: hunch
Written by KALONSNET Editor   
Published: October 20 2009

”*undecided (detail)" (2009); courtesy of the artist and Roentgenwerke AG copy right(c) Sakan KAN-NO

Sakan KAN-NO, who is known for a unique, abstract painting which consists of thin, bounding lines, will hold his solo show entitled "hunch." This is the 5th exhibition with us. He has been painting on canvas mounted on panel as an experienced painter. At this upcoming show however, KAN-NO will present round-shaped, three-dimensional paintings which are the first attempt for him. An advanced synthetic resin technique allowed him to create this shape. Choosing Maziora - the kind of polarizable paint depending on angle - is also a new element of the artwork, instead of single, sometimes pearly colored background. Three latest paintings which are in 135 diameters will be on view. A reception for the artist will be held on Friday, Decembar 4 from 18:00 onwards. * The text provided by Roentgenwerke AG.

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