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Formative Heritage 044-053
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Published: July 20 2018

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KYOTO Design Lab [D-lab] will hold the Exhibition “Formative Heritage 044-053” at Kyoto and D-lab Tokyo Gallery.

All over Japan we can find roads, dams and tunnels no longer in use. There are even examples of projects that were clearly abandoned partway through construction. What will happen to all this?
We called this breed of structures reduced to misfortune “Formative heritage,” and decided to think about them not as finished nor as abandoned, but in a third way.


Information Provided by: KYOTO Design Lab, Kyoto Institute of Technology

Period: August 31,2018 (Fri) 〜 October 7,2018 (Sun)
Hours: 12:00-19:00
Closed: Monday, Tuesday
Venue: KYOTO Design Lab Tokyo Gallery [3331 Arts Chiyoda]

Last Updated on August 31 2018

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