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TOKIMATSU Haruna ”a Day in Our Life in Tokyo”
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Published: March 21 2018

"Comforters" 2017 Pencil, watercolor, paper on panel 53x53cm

Galerie Tokyo Humanité is pleased to present TOKIMATSU Haruna's solo exhibition entitled a Day in Our Life in Tokyo. This is a traveling exhibition of Tokimatsu's new works shown in Osaka last year.

A crowd of people drawn in Tokimatsu's works are very expressive--joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure, emotions in everyday life are depicted lightly and humorously. With no sketches, Tokimatsu draws directly on paper using a mechanical pencil to capture everyday moments that she cherishes.

Tokimatsu (b. 1984) had a first solo exhibition in 2006 when she was a student of Tama Art University in Tokyo. In recent years, Tokimatsu works with National Noh Theatre to draw illustrations of noh performances for flyers and calendars. Her recent exhibitions include Laughter and Humor (2015, Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery) and TOKIMATSU Haruna's Calendar showing her works of Japan's 72 climates in the old calendar (2018, Shinjuku Takashimaya Art Gallery).


Information Provided by: Galerie Tokyo Humanité

Period: March 22,2018 (Thu) 〜 April 7,2018 (Sat)
Hours: 10:30am- 6:30pm
Closed: Sunday
Venue: Galerie Tokyo Humanité

Last Updated on March 22 2018

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