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Miyuki Takenaka : New Story
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Published: March 06 2018

New Story (Curtain), 2017

Art Front Gallery is pleased to presents solo exhibition of Miyuki Takenaka.

Let there be light: and there was light. In the Old Testament, it was light that God initially created upon the facing the dark universe and the earth. As the basic component of our world, light should have been the foremost essential element for human kind. We indeed recognize an object, its color and shape by the light. Artist’s creativity may be considered in general as the most important footage for an object to become an art object. However, art also needs viewers. Light and viewers are another essential factors for art to survive.

Both artists, Miyuki Takenaka and Michiko Isono, especially in this exhibition, poses themselves as viewers of the world along with their standpoint being artists, and pursue their own method to draw light in as a material of their work.

Takenaka has been working from the beginning of 2000’s using drips of resin to make shadow and reflection of the material as a part of her work. In 2013, she starts to use strips of cinema films. Having a background working in a film developing studio, this was a natural process for the artist. The works with arranged colors on films developed by the artist after being exposed under different colored lights in the dark room, can still be considered as being on the same track as paintings. After four years of continuous experiments in the studio, this year, she finally came back in front of the audience with the new series of works. For the first time in her artistic career, her works started to contain real figurative objects, such as curtains and lamps found in a house (which would be gone soon), reflecting the real world around her printed by lights effects. Not merely applying her previous attempt to use light like painters, she already grasped a new productive method with her to face the world. In her new attitude, we find a leap of an artist toward the new direction, and we know that she has found a new key to a profound and dense possibility as an artist.

Toshio Kondo、Art Front Gallery


Information Provided by: Art Front Gallery

Period: March 2,2018 (Fri) 〜 March 25,2018 (Sun)
Hours: 11:00 - 19:00
Closed: closed on Mondays
Venue: Art Front Gallery

Last Updated on March 02 2018

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