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Yugo Kohrogi ”Under the Skin”
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Published: January 12 2018

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Kohrogi rarely deliberates or has doubts about how to go about painting a piece. With already a thorough image in mind, he begins working with the steps and methods worked out so that the results are just as he had imagined it to be. This calculated process and mindset may be due to the fact that his undergraduate study was in oil painting, which was followed by graduate studies in printmaking.
Furthermore, Kohrogi always catches scenery, things, and phenomenon scattered in daily life that the rest of us might otherwise overlook. For him, each of these things influence his paintings and are reflected in them. Although Kohrogi's paintings are constructed logically, his indescribable sensibilities are what ultimately complete them as paintings.
Through the elements Kohrogi uses to conceive his images, such as watercolor, printmaking, drawing, sketches, pencil drawings, and photos, to oil painting, which is created by the layering of paint, this exhibition attempts to clarify the structures of the paintings using the gallery space. Bringing together works from his 2017 solo exhibition "HIVE" at Gallery Naruyama, to his newest works, this exhibition pursues an evolution of exhibitions and their structures. The title of the exhibition, which can be literally translated to “under the skin,” is an idiom that means "true intent", or "truth of the matter". By "deconstructing" the paintings, allowing their structures to be revealed, then reconstructed within the space, we will be able to vicariously experience Kohrogi's production process itself.
Yoshimi Arts

■Gallery Talk: Aki Ashida (Curator of Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto)×Yugo Kohrogi |
Jan 27, 15:45-17:00

■January Party | Jan 27, 17:00-19:00


Information Provided by: Yoshimi Arts

Period: January 27,2018 (Sat) 〜 February 18,2018 (Sun)
Hours: 11:00-19:00
Closed: Tue, Wed
Venue: Yoshimi Arts

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