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Projects by Assa Ashuach + Marcel Helmer
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Published: December 26 2017

photo: Tomomi Takano

The Projects exhibition centres on recent work developed at KYOTO Design Lab during recent residencies by two designers.

Assa Ashuach, the Israeli-born London-based designer, is a pioneer in the use of additive manufacturing and was D-lab’s 2017 Designer-in-Residence. His project at KIT was a collaboration between the Departments of Bio-Based Materials, Macro-Molecular Science and D-Lab’s Digital Fabrication Unit. The aim was to find ways to optimize the structural and material qualities of products or architectural forms. Assa studied the natural geometrical growth patterns of the bamboo and translated this into producible 3D structures. He created a 3D structural growth algorithm inspired by the bamboo bio-microstructures which took into consideration the limitations of the 3D printing process. On show are the many 3D printed prototypes and developed and the final STEM chair that the process inspired.

Marcel Helmer, a communication and interaction designer from the RCA’s Design Interactions course was KYOTO Design Lab’s 2016 Design Associate. His science education design project centred on finding a new way of communicating the qualities of drosophila and their value as scientific tools within medical research and biology. While at KIT, he worked with Professors Masamitsu Yamaguchi and Hideki Yoshida of the Department of Applied Biology and Professor Toshiyuki Takano of KIT’s Drosophila Genetic Research Centre.


Information Provided by: KYOTO Design Lab, Kyoto Institute of Technology

Period: December 20,2017 (Wed) 〜 February 4,2018 (Sun)
Hours: 12:00-19:00 (28 December: 12:00-18:00, 4 January: 13:00-19:00)
Closed: Monday, Tuesday, Friday 29 December – Wednesday 3 January
Venue: KYOTO Design Lab Tokyo Gallery (3331 Arts Chiyoda, Room203)

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