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Another part of me
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Published: October 16 2017

Moon brother 2017 Oil on canvas 200x150cm

Born in Moldova in 1967, Alexander Tinei graduated from Chisinau Repin State College of Fine Art in 1991. Tinei is known for portrait paintings of young people depicted with tattoo-like blue markings on their bodies. His subjects he bases on existing photos and images displayed in magazines and on Internet social network sites. Extracting his subjects from their actual world, he places them in a situation between reality and fiction, inventing a new story for them.
Tinei has thought long and hard about the philosophical inquiry, “Who am I?” Raised in Moldova, a part of the Soviet Union at the time, he spoke Russian and accepted Russian heroes. The culture of Russia was imposed on Moldovans, and Tinei senses, in looking back, that he accepted that imposition unquestioningly.
Tinei’s hallmark blue lines suggestive of tattoos, drawn on his subjects’ skin, reflect contemporary fashion but also evoke people’s inner worlds. In our personal memories, fears, and pain, our individuality as people resides. No two of us are alike. Recently, the artist’s interest has turned to the environment in which people live and the social background to their lives.
This solo exhibition, Tinei’s second in Japan, features more than ten new paintings rendered in oil on canvas. The works, which explore solitude, loneliness, and personal relationships with others, are related to his earlier series of drawings, “I collect all my tears.” In order that his works do not grow complacent, he continually sets new challenges for himself. We invite you to see these long-awaited new works by Alexander Tinei.


Information Provided by: ANDO GALLERY

Period: October 24,2017 (Tue) 〜 December 22,2017 (Fri)
Hours: 11:00-19:00
Closed: 19:00
Venue: ANDO GALLERY  3-3-6 Hirano Koto-ku Tokyo 135-0023

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