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Published: August 27 2017

《Wall》 2017 Painted steel

Ken Nakazawa was born in Tokyo in 1970 and graduated from Tama Art University with a postgraduate degree in oil painting. His major exhibitions include "MOT Annual 1999: Modest Radicalism" (Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo) and "YOKOHAMA 2001: International Triennale of Contemporary Art" (Pacifico Yokohama). Nakazawa has won acclaim in Japan and internationally with installation works using visually insubstantial materials, such as wires and nylon filaments, to meld his works with the space of the venue.

At this exhibition, Nakazawa displays a new installation work employing 3mm-diameter steel materials painted white. Entitled "Walls," the work consists of 106 inverted U-shaped objects standing some 50cm high, arranged parallel to and following the gallery walls. The ends of two steel rods, extending horizontally at either side of each U-shaped object, are fixed to the wall at a height of about 10cm from the floor. Such is the basic form of the objects. Each object differs in height and depth, and the repetition of their slightly distorted forms recalls paintings exhibited by Nakazawa in 2008. In his installation work, this time, he intentionally positions the objects lower than the viewer’s eyeline to diminish their presence so that the viewer’s attention will go naturally to the overall space. A seemingly empty space—what can we possibly discover in it? The answer to this question is always inside us.

In October this year, Nakazawa will publish his first collected works from Akaaka Art Publishing Inc. The publication will feature five installation works exhibited in the years 2012 to 2017: "Four Lines," "30Pairs," "Vertical," "Legs," and "Walls." Art director Kaoru Kasai is undertaking the book design. We invite you to enjoy at your leisure a new work by an artist of great promise.


Information Provided by: ANDO GALLERY

Period: September 5,2017 (Tue) 〜 October 14,2017 (Sat)
Hours: 11:00-19:00
Closed: Sunday, Monday, and national holiday

Last Updated on September 05 2017

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