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Shitsu Murayama / Kids know
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Published: April 18 2017

「Glass 」2017 oil on canvas 60.6×50.0㎝

A painting that tries to express the form of a person using straight-line strokes on a colored surface. Children's faces are often used as a subject because they are round, personally I feel that the circularity is really compatible with straight lines.
People are a central motif which are continually used. I am interested in the attraction of the way they're formed as a three dimensional shape and the way that meaning always comes up from that gesture. I am drawn towards exploring the intersection of the two.
The production process is basically clarifying the shape of the tone with shading as a clue. This is a simple and orthodox method in itself, but on the other hand, in the balance that tries to make the planar decorativeness of the painting parallel, the color and tone of the image are decided.
The theme of this picture is "Kids Know" or in other words, kids know everything, as it follows two children's own facial expressions and motions, and also the theme of the world seen from a sort of critical viewpoint.
-Shirsu Murayama-


Information Provided by: Emiko Chinzei

Period: May 13,2017 (Sat) 〜 June 4,2017 (Sun)
Hours: 12:00-19:00
Closed: Mondays ・Tuesdays

Last Updated on May 13 2017

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