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Handsome Heart, Handsome Art: The World of Izumi Shigeru
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Published: January 21 2017

《FS2008》1967, oil on canvas

From the early years as a print artist in a lyrical style till the last years of lucid expression without literariness –– IZUMI Shigeru (1922–1995) was a leading artist in Kansai region.
IZUMI was born in Osaka City and studied at the design course of Osaka City Kogei (Crafts) High School. After the graduation in 1939, IZUMI kept studying at Nakanoshima Yoga Kenkyujo, a private art collage, while working at Daimaru Department Store. After the Second World War, he devoted himself to art and joined in the formation of the Demokrato Artists Association in 1951, which was directed by Ei-Q. However, the fact that IZUMI got the encouraging prize for new artist at the first International Biennial Exhibition of Prints in Tokyo dissolved the Demokrato. Izumi moved to New York in 1959 and thereafter to Paris.
Around that time, IZUMI found his original approach to create his own work by reproducing an enlarged part of his own drawings with precise brushstroke. The style was based on his idea that things created by condensing images grown within artists mind were not the only art, but discovered images could be art. Ever since, he consciously appointed several procedures and developed his evocative expression. Such transitions were his means to live as a painter not being confined within the border of print artist as he was once appraised, and also to keep painting unflaggingly as if he was challenging himself.
Not to mention his attractive works, his creative attitude toward art would also give suggestions to people at various corners in lives.


Information Provided by: The Museum of Modern Art, Wakayama

Period: January 27,2017 (Fri) 〜 March 26,2017 (Sun)
Hours: 9:30 to 17:00
Closed: Closed on Monday except March 20 (closed on March 21 instead)
Venue: The Museum of Modern Art, Wakayama

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