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Katsuyo AOKI: maniera
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Published: September 23 2009

"Predictive Dream IX" (2009); ceramic and porcelain, 38×32×18cm, courtesy of Roentgenwerke AG copy right(c) Katsuyo AOKI

The technique I have chosen to create my artwork consists of a combination of abstract and concrete porcelain sculptures using various types of decoration pattern, and colored paintings baked onto the porcelain.

My artwork may remind viewers of a narrative story such as a fairy tale, a myth or religious objects used in ceremonies.

The reason why I choose the technique stated above - sometimes perceived as 'too decorative' - is because I find a similarity between the spirituality of people living today and the fragile and delicate aspect of porcelain.

The artistic expression for me however, whilst meaning something personal to me ; can be described as a result of images from my imagination and fantasies. That is to say, as if I went deep inside myself and came to be face to face with my inner shadow. In other words, it is almost like mystic experience seeing fantasy, daydreams and awe.

It might be because the more technology and civilization develops, the more our inner shadow asleep which is deep inside our hearts, defines into its silhouette including mine.

- Katsuyo AOKI

We finally present to you Katsuyo AOKI's solo exhibition. The first time she had an exhibition with us was a group show titled '(Rx3)3' at Weissfeld Roppongi in 2006. AOKI goes far beyond the border of art and craft. Whenever she shows her new artwork, they never fail to surprise and impress people and are enthusiastically welcomed. It has to be porcelain, yet it is hard to believe such amazing artwork could come from porcelain. Please come and see her exquisite world of sculpture. * The text provided by Roenrgenwerke AG.

Last Updated on November 06 2009

Editor's Note by Satoshi KOGANEZAWA

Excessive gothic-style decorations which are combined with tiles giving us a smooth impression in contrast to the decorations, sculptures of skulls without any attachment and others - Aoki’s creations may give you an image of craftworks. This may be partly because she uses porcelain clay as a material of her works. Nevertheless, considering the practicability of criteria for classifying artworks into the field of “craft”, Aoki’s creations seem to be “something like craft products” but would not be categorized as “craftworks”. This makes me realize the trivialness of the border between the art and craft field. This exhibition would give you an opportunity to enjoy not only a high degree of completion of her works but a superb display form in the venue. A tense feeling which I got at the moment of walking up the stairs and stepping into the room on the second floor continued in my mind until I left the gallery. (Translated by Nozomi Nakayama)

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