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Hiroki TSUKUDA: Recollections
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Published: August 20 2009

Courtesy of NANZUKA UNDERGROUND copy right(c) Hiroshi TSUKUDA

We are presenting not only 10 new drawings but about 8m size of wall drawing on the main walls of a gallery. Hiroki Tsukuda was born in 1978 in Kagawa, who graduated Department of Imaging Arts and Science at the Musashino Art University. He recently received Bacon prize, which is an award for young artist at Art Fair Tokyo in April. His art works were collected by Thyssen-Bornemisza contemporary art foundation, which Mrs. Francesca Hubsburg serve as a representative and who was also an selector committee at the Prize. The new works which Tsukuda is presenting at this exhibition is the series of parallel world "Imaginary Land" which Tsukuda is pursuing consistently. Because Tsukuda was color-blinded when he was a child, he depended on the shade and a form to see the scenery around him, rather than color. When the scenery changes dramatically by temperature or the humidity, Tsukuda's peculiar eyesight which was changed into high contrast, often brought the unrealistic world to little Tsukuda. Its spectacles were printed in Tsukuda's mind with the sense of awe and became original scenery in present Tsukuda's art work. The most important element is the composition of a light and a shadow, in the work of Tsukuda. Those drawings, which values black and white, somehow make us image the night. It is the result of reflection between Tsukuda's research of natural light and our vision. On the other hand, the geometric image in Tsukuda's drawing comes from his artistic point of view which is to draw the nature simply with small amount of information. The visual hallucination which Tsukuda has, could be in the same vector as what Cezanne says, “Treat nature by the cylinder, the sphere, the cone” Tsukuda says as follows for this exhibition. “It is unknown if I have created fancy world based on the scenery which I have seen unconsciously, or if such world have appeared suddenly in front of me based on my imagination. But I would like to express those fragments of the scenery minced in my head as the memory (recollection).” * The text provided by NANZUKA UNDERGROUND.

Last Updated on September 26 2009

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