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Junji YAMADA: The Pure Land
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Published: August 01 2009

Courtesy of SHINOBAZU GALLERY copy right(c) Junji YAMADA

Solo exhibition composed of Yamada's recent works including the work modeling from the historically famous painting of the eastern and the western countries.

Last Updated on August 03 2009

Editor's Note by Satoshi Koganezawa

Yamada’s new works that refer to ideas from historically famous paintings of eastern and western countries are exhibited as well as the exhibition in Chukyo University Art Gallery "C•Square". However, there are some works not exhibited in the C Square, and there is no installation of a prototype model there. The ideas in my review on the exhibition in the C Square cannot be applied to this exhibition. The ideas in the review of the exhibition of the C Square were prompted by the installation of the prototype work, but there is no prototype work exhibited this time. It seems easier to view his works in this exhibition because of this simple layout with only plane works.

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